End of Year Grading Information

CMS has received guidance from the state regarding how to best grade and assess student performance for the remainder of the year.

Following state requirements, students will have until June 9 to complete any remote work or assignments posted by teachers for quarter 4. Students are highly encouraged to complete remote learning work, which will be reflected on an End of Year Feedback Form.

For middle school credit courses, student remote learning work is being assessed by teachers and used to determine improvement & progress. Students will receive a  PC19 (Pass) or WC19 (Withdrawal) based on Quarter 1 through Quarter 3 grades. No grades will be entered in PowerSchool for Quarter 4. Teachers will post new work until May 29 and use the time between June 1 and June 9 to assess student progress and provide feedback to students and parents.

For high school credit courses (Math 1, 2 and 8 th grade Spanish), families will choose between a PC19 (Pass), or their earned numeric grade on quarter 3, or quarter 3 and 4 combined, whichever is higher for their semester 2 grade and final average. Teachers will communicate with families between June 1 and June 9 to allow for decisions to be made for high school credit courses

If you have any questions regarding the grading practices for remote learning, please email your grade level administrator.