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A message from Principal Folk

On Thursday, January 14th, the CMS Board of Education voted to modify our plan for the return to in-person learning for all students due to the substantial community spread of the COVID-19 virus. Based on the county public health directive in response to rising COVID-19 infection rates, the Board voted to delay all students’ return to in-person learning.

The Board has voted to return middle school students to in-person learning on February 22 for rotation A, March 1 for rotation B, and March 8 for rotation C. Our exceptional children extensions/HI and VI students will return to school on February 15. Please keep your back to school mailing (sent over winter break) to use and plan for our return to in-person learning.

In partnership with the Mecklenburg County Public Health Department, the CMS Board of Education will revisit this decision during the week of February 2 and will review our return to in-person learning based on district and county metrics at the scheduled board meeting on February 9.

Please note that our district has canceled athletic practices and events until February 15. This includes district, club, and community use of schools activities. The AG fields and facilities are closed at this time.

Please view the new county directive here. If we all do our part to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we will return to a more normal school and life operations sooner rather than later, and hopefully save many lives.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to teach and learn in a remote setting. Like many of you, I look forward to having our students in-person, in school, as soon as possible. Let us know if we can support you or your child at home in any way.


In-person reopening school start dates will be dependent on students’ assigned Rotation (A, B, C). Students in Rotation A will begin on February 22; Rotation B will begin on March 1; Rotation C will begin on March 8; Rotation D is full remote.

These assigned rotations will allow students to maintain social distancing requirements as they attend school in person. The school day hours are from 8:30am to 3:30pm. It is imperative that students arrive at school only on the days assigned to their rotation. Students may not report to school before 8am, and may only enter the building after completing an online daily health screening at home and temperature check at designated entrances. After screening, all students are to report directly to Homeroom. It is very important that students are in class ready to learn at 8:30. Please do not drop off students before 8am.


A new class time schedule is required for in-person and remote learning. We have included this schedule in a December mailing (SCHEDULE LINK). Please have your child review and write their courses for both A-days and B-days on the schedule for easier understanding. An A-day/B-day calendar is included in the mailing on the back of the class time schedule (CALENDAR LINK). The new class time schedule will begin on January 19. We will follow the current time schedule from January 5-15.


Student schedules for semester 2 were included in a December mailing and will also be available on the first day of each rotation week during homeroom. During the first reopening days, student orientation will be provided in classes to discuss their schedules, school procedures, and expectations. Student schedules are also available in the Parent Portal of Power School.


Students and parents must follow the CDC, NCHHS, and CMS policies regarding social distancing and masks: Students, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times on campus, on the bus, at the bus stop, and during transitions. Students who do not wear a mask, or do not keep their mask on while on campus, will be isolated for the day.

Students must be screened using the screener LINK sent to their student email each day and complete a temperature check prior to entering the building. Staff will screen students beginning at 8am. Students may not be on campus before 8am. Students who exhibit symptoms upon entry screening, or during the day, will be isolated. Parents will be contacted and are required to pick the student up immediately.

If your child feels unwell, or has a fever, please do not send them to school. Visit for detailed information about screening and procedures for suspected exposure or cases of COVID 19.


If eligible and registered, we enclosed bus transportation information in the December mailing. Please contact 980-343-5808 or the school if you have any questions about your child’s bus transportation information. All students using school transportation must provide a completed Attestation Form for Bus Riders to the bus driver the first day of each week that they ride a bus. Student rotation changes will not be made.


Students walking to AG should cross streets only at designated crosswalks. There is a crossing guard at the intersection of Runnymede and Barclay Downs (AM & PM) and at Runnymede and Colony Rd (AM & PM). Students should not cross Runnymede at Lacie Lane OR at Colony and Rockbrook Drive. Car riders can be dropped off and picked up at either the main entrance at Runnymede Lane or the Selwyn entrance at Colony Road. Car riders must be picked up only at the designated areas which are supervised by our staff. During drop-off and pick-up, the main entrance will be one-way traffic only. Cars will wind through the parking lot, to prevent traffic build-up on Runnymede, and then exit via the bus entrance. Cars should NOT EXIT via the main entrance during carpool hours. Please allow an extra few minutes during the first weeks of school and follow all procedures to ensure everyone’s safe arrival at school. Cars should NEVER ENTER at Barclay Downs and Runnymede to access AG or the bus parking lot. It is EXIT ONLY at all times.


Please make note of your child’s rotation assignment, bus number, the bus stop and the time to expect your child to be picked up and dropped off. There may be more than one bus that will be coming through your area. Students may only board their assigned bus on the designated days for their rotation group.

Please have your child at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to pick-up time. Make sure your child knows his/her morning and afternoon bus numbers for the first day of school reopening. Please be patient and flexible with the bus schedule during the first weeks of school. This is the time our CMS Transportation Department evaluates the bus runs. Transportation will not be provided to families who move into a new home school area, but want to continue at their current school assignment. Unlike in the past and due to current circumstances no student will be given a bus pass by AG staff, nor will they be permitted to ride a bus other than the one to which they are assigned. All bus assignments will be made by the transportation department in order to make sure that social distance requirements are met. To maintain the privilege of riding a bus to A.G. Middle School, you must exhibit excellent behavior on our buses from the very first day of school. Violations of the expectations/guidelines may result in a student being suspended from the bus and/or school.


Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm. Walkers and car riders will be dismissed first. Walkers may not congregate on campus but instead must depart immediately. The main carpool line should enter via Runnymede Lane. Staff will assist with this process. The back Selwyn Elementary Carpool Line may also be used. Students are required to socially distance and wear a mask while waiting at carpool.


In order for our school to maintain a safe and orderly environment, extreme and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Student Rights, Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook will be available online and covered in class for each student. This handbook contains rules that all students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System will abide by. These rules will be strictly enforced at A.G. Middle School. The handbook also includes Bus and Bus Stop Rules and expectations. We strongly encourage each family to review these rules together. During the first few days of school reopening every student will receive a detailed orientation.


Breakfast and lunch are served daily for all students. Breakfast begins at 8am. Breakfast is free for all students. Lunch is $2.25 for students. Milk is $0.60. For information about school lunch please see the child nutrition website HERE. If you send lunch in, please note no microwaves will be provided for student use. Do not send in food that must be reheated or cooked. Also, due to current circumstances the school is no longer able to allow lunches to be delivered during the day. Students who do not bring a lunch with them during the day have the option to purchase lunch from the cafeteria.


Cell phones are not needed at school. If a child brings a cell phone to school, it must remain off and securely stored during the school day. Cell phones that are visible and/or in use will be confiscated and delivered to the office for parent pick up. Telephones are available for student use in the front office as needed and parents may call the front office at 980-343-5810 to leave messages for students.