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A Day / B Day Calendar: LINK
Revised CMS Academic Calendar (effective 4/12): LINK
AGMS Remote Learning (Wednesday) Schedule: LINK
AGMS In-person (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri) Schedule: LINK

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On Tuesday, March 23rd the CMS Board of Education voted to modify the in-person learning schedule.

Beginning Monday, April 12th, students who have elected to attend in-person will attend school 4 days per week. All students will attend in-person every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays will remain a remote learning day. Students who have elected to remain in the Full Remote Academy will continue to be online. See the red links above to download the Revised CMS Academic Calendar (effective 4/12).

AGMS will continue to follow the Remote Learning Schedule on Wednesdays. See the red links above to download this schedule. Please note that teachers will continue to hold office hours from 2:00-3:00 each day. Teachers may also provide student support in the form of individual and/or small group check-ins as needed. This time will also be used for professional development, lesson planning, and parent communication. Students will use this time to complete asynchronous work assigned by the teacher.

Beginning Monday, May 10th, students who have elected to attend in-person will attend school 5 days per week until the end of the school year. The last day of school is Friday, May 28th. During these three weeks, students will complete end-of-year testing, and some Full Remote Academy students may attend in-person to complete these tests. More details will follow when the full testing schedule is available.

Families should continue to read the Bulldog Bulletin and check this website for the most updated information.

If you have any questions regarding these changes or transportation information, please contact the school by emailing Andrew Fitzgerald ( or by calling 980-343-5810.


  • Wear your face covering to the bus stop.
  • Complete the Symptoms Screener (LINK) each morning before going to the bus stop and be prepared to show it to a staff member before exiting the bus.


  • Please put on your face covering before walking onto campus and have your Symptoms Screener (LINK) green check ready to show.


  • Students should not be dropped off before 8:00 a.m.
  • Arrival carpool will run through the front of the school and rear (Selwyn) entrances.
  • Complete the Symptoms Screener (LINK) before entering campus.
  • Have the green check ready and your face covering on as you enter either carpool location.
  • After receiving your hand stamp you may exit the car and go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to your Homeroom/Advisory class.


  • Dismissal carpool will occur in the front of the school and rear (Selwyn) entrances.
  • At dismissal and while waiting for your ride, students must continue to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering until they are in the car.


  1. Bring your CMS Chromebook, charger, and wired headphones (no Bluetooth) with you to school each day. You will still be viewing and submitting work online. Please bring a water bottle if possible. We will have water bottles for students if needed.
  2. You will fill out the Symptoms Screener (LINK) EVERY DAY you come to campus and show the screener receipt to staff at screening stations.
  3. Remember the 3 W’s – Wear, Wait and Wash
    1. Wear a two-to-three ply face covering every day.
    2. You will Wait and observe 3 feet social distancing when possible (classrooms, hallways, FIT, etc.).
    3. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  4. Bathrooms will be CLOSED during transition times to avoid crowds. Classes will have built-in bathroom breaks.
  5. Follow directions for things like traffic patterns, dismissal, etc.
  6. Report COVID-19 symptoms, positive test results, or exposure immediately to staff.


Students and parents must follow the CDC, NCHHS, and CMS policies regarding social distancing and masks: Students, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times on campus, on the bus, at the bus stop, and during transitions. Students who do not wear a mask, or do not keep their mask on while on campus, will be isolated for the day.

Students must be screened using the screener LINK sent to their student email each day prior to entering the building. Staff will screen students beginning at 8am. Students may not be on campus before 8am. Students who exhibit symptoms upon entry screening, or during the day, will be isolated. Parents will be contacted and are required to pick the student up immediately.

If your child feels unwell, or has a fever, please do not send them to school. Visit for detailed information about screening and procedures for suspected exposure or cases of COVID 19.


If eligible and registered, we enclosed bus transportation information in the December mailing. Please contact 980-343-5808 or the school if you have any questions about your child’s bus transportation information.

Please make note of your child’s bus number, the bus stop and the time to expect your child to be picked up and dropped off. Please have your child at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to pick-up time. There may be more than one bus that will be coming through your area.

Transportation will not be provided to families who move into a new home school area but want to continue at their current school assignment. Unlike in the past, and due to current circumstances, no student will be given a bus pass by AG staff, nor will they be permitted to ride a bus other than the one to which they are assigned. To maintain the privilege of riding a bus to A.G. Middle School, you must exhibit excellent behavior on our buses from the very first day of school. Violations of the expectations/guidelines may result in a student being suspended from the bus and/or school.


Students walking to AG should cross streets only at designated crosswalks. There is a crossing guard at the intersection of Runnymede and Barclay Downs (AM & PM) and at Runnymede and Colony Rd (AM & PM). Students should not cross Runnymede at Lacie Lane OR at Colony and Rockbrook Drive. Car riders can be dropped off and picked up at either the main entrance at Runnymede Lane or the Selwyn entrance at Colony Road. Car riders must be picked up only at the designated areas which are supervised by our staff. During drop-off and pick-up, the main entrance will be one-way traffic only. Cars will wind through the parking lot, to prevent traffic build-up on Runnymede, and then exit via the bus entrance. Cars should NOT EXIT via the main entrance during carpool hours. Please allow an extra few minutes during the first weeks of school and follow all procedures to ensure everyone’s safe arrival at school. Cars should NEVER ENTER at Barclay Downs and Runnymede to access AG or the bus parking lot. It is EXIT ONLY at all times.


If your student will need medications at school, please contact our school nurse ( Any medications (prescription or over the counter) must have a medication authorization form (link) completed by a health care provider.


Breakfast and lunch are served daily for all students. Breakfast begins at 8am. Breakfast is free for all students. Lunch is $2.25 for students. Milk is $0.60. For information about school lunch please see the child nutrition website HERE. If you send lunch in, please note no microwaves will be provided for student use. Do not send in food that must be reheated or cooked. Also, due to current circumstances the school is no longer able to allow lunches to be delivered during the day. Students who do not bring a lunch with them during the day have the option to purchase lunch from the cafeteria.


Cell phones are not needed at school. If a child brings a cell phone to school, it must remain off and securely stored during the school day. Cell phones that are visible and/or in use will be confiscated and delivered to the office for parent pick up. Telephones are available for student use in the front office as needed and parents may call the front office at 980-343-5810 to leave messages for students.