Virtual Curriculum Night videos are now available

Virtual Curriculum Night videos are now available HERE.

Using the site navigation menu to access your child’s grade level, you will find a curriculum night video from each of your child’s teachers.

There are three components of the AGMS Virtual Curriculum night. They are:

  1. A pre-recorded video from each teacher, which may be viewed on the website above.
  2. Curriculum maps, which may be found on the grade level pages.
  3. An opportunity to Zoom live with each teacher for follow-up curriculum questions. Zoom links have been shared under each teacher’s video. Zoom sessions are for answering general questions not addressed in the pre-recorded videos. Individual student or parent questions should be emailed directly to the teacher. The schedule for these Zoom sessions are as follows:
  • September 20, 5-6pm – 6th Grade
  • September 20, 6-7pm – Electives (all grades)
  • September 21, 5-6pm – 7th Grade
  • September 23, 5-6pm – 8th Grade

Thank you for supporting your child and our teachers by actively participating in virtual curriculum night. If you have any questions specific to your child’s experience, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher directly, your grade level administrator, or Principal Robert Folk.

Sixth grade:
Administrator, Drew Fitzgerald (
Counselor, Dannielle Blount (

Seventh grade:
Administrator, Jenny Bonack (
Counselor, Susan Billmire (

Eighth grade:
Administrator, Loreanne Harris (
Counselor, Dominque Ashley (