The AG Fund

The AG Fund (formerly “Invest in Excellence”) is our annual giving program.  This is the ONE AND ONLY fundraiser of the year! Thanks to the generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of AG, we are able to continue the tradition of excellence the makes our school one of the best in Charlotte.  Your tax deductible donation has an immediate and meaningful impact on students, teachers and programs that create an exceptional educational experience.

What is the money used for?

Your gifts make the following possible:

  • Technology Enhancements (ie, 3-D printers, replacement Chromebooks)
  • Campus Improvements (ie, beautification, additional maintenance)
  • Supplemental Instruction (ie, IXL, Study Island, newsELA)
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Student Activities (ie, grade-level field trips, after-school clubs, all PTO activities)

Every dollar counts.  Every student benefits.  Every donor makes a difference.

For more information or questions, please contact Katie Davis,, or Jamie Curtis,   


Kim and Garo Aghjayan, The Al-Zubaidy Family,  Kim and Jan Almond, Ed and Penelope Aluise, Andrea and Niall Anderson, Megan and David Anderson, John & Pam Anderson, Jodie and David Ayres, Chris and Mai-Lis Bahr, Norwood and Amanda Bailey, Lauren and Steve Ball, Cheri and Mike Barden, Will and Meg Barr, Alexis Barry, Jim and Amy Barber, Steve and Karen Barton, Tammy and James Basinger, Matt and Stevee Baskerville, Sofia Batista, Beaman Family, Stacy and Will Beard, Brad and Dina Beelaert, Keith and Mandi Bell, Benjamin and Melanie Bender, Chris and Ryan Birtel, Grayson and Emily Blair, Doug and Katharine Bolt, Doug and Katharine Bolt, David and Cammie Borrelli, Mary Margaret and John Boulware, Alison and Patrick Boyle, Julie M Bradlow, Tim and Anne Brand, Lauren and Peiffer Brandt, Rosanna Brandt, Tom and Catherine Brasse, Christine and Matthew Brenner, Kelley Brewer, Amy and Justin Brittain, Bernie and JoAnn Brown, Brooke and Mike Brown, Leigh Bryant, Bungalow Designs, Inc., Helen and Chris Burns, Steve and Karen Carpenter, Hays and Lisa Castleman, Scott and Mary Cannady, The Canteys, Adam and Suzanne Carson, Michael and Kelly Catanese, Gary and Kim Chesson, Michael Christian, Virginia and Trey Christianson, Del and Kristen Clark, George and Barbara Climer, J Colcer, Michele and Justin Cole, Steven and Shelly Cole, Ryan and Dawn Coleman, Jennifer and Jonathan Collman, Elizabeth Cone, Trina and Sam Cone, Leigh-Christi and Carl Cooke, Rebecca Cooke, Cannon and Beth Cory, Brian and Jenny Craver, Jamie and Chris Curtis, Tracy and Matt Curtis, D’Amico Family, David and Lalla Dabbs, Alison and Kevin Dalton, Alison and Kevin Dalton, Amie and Brian Davidson, Bradley and Dawn Davis, Heather and Tripp Davis, Katie and Reeves Davis, Sean and Amanda Davis The Dillard Family, Lillian and Derek Dittner, Annie and Steven Dixon, Kelly and Andrew Dover, Rebecca and Mike Drendel, Paula Duringer, Tom and Tammy Duzan, Bram Early, David and Jenny Earnhardt, Chad and Mazie Eismont, Amy and Ali Elaasar, David Eligator, Erin and Bill Chalfant, Dabney and Kevin Estile, Frye Family, Christie and Tim Farley, Eric and Betsy Farmer, Regina and Chip Farmer, Greg and Heather Feldman, Vlad Fennell, Clarence and Andrea Fisher, Rick and Susan Fisher, Meridith and Eric Fix, Elizabeth and Michael Flowers,c Adam and Kathryn Ford, Tracy and Allan Foster, Josh Fuller, Tracey and Alex Galloway, Gaskins Family, Caroline and Robert Gefaell, Bryan and Jamie Gerrard, Kirsten and Tom Girkins, Jacob Gardner Glenn, Suzanne and Lee Goins, Katrina and Chuck Gordon, Vera Goudes, Goudes Family, Kim and John Grant, Andrea Staunch Green, Brad and Marty Griffin, Christopher and Jennifer Gunn, James and Kristie Guptill, John and Wendy Hadley, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Haenni, Beth and Ryan Hahn, The Haines Family, Ryan and Brindley Hale, Kevin L Hall Family, Todd and Jonna Harrison, Virginia Haskin, Susan and Matt Hawes, Asheley and Reid Hayes, Xu and Abbey He, Marti and David Head, Greg and Beth Heaton, Catherine and Andrew Hensley, Rose and Rich Herring, The Higgins Family, Jennie and Josh Hill, Christie and Steven Hinshaw, Kristina Hitchens, Peter and Farrah Hofmann, Brian and Jenny Holofchak, Steve and Suzie Hood, Colin Hood, Steve and Suzie Hood, Carlton Hoover, Greta and Rob Hord, Sarah and Ken Hyde, Joanne and Chris Hylinski, The Ishees, Dr. Astrid Jain, James Galvin, Janet and Jon Jarrett, David and Ashley Johnson, Andy and Ghazale Johnston, Diana and Robert Jones, The Jones Family, Matthew Jones, Matthew and Jill Jones, Tom Jordak, Jeff and Shauna Kadis, Marcial Kaplan, John and Effie Kelly, Beth and Rich Kelly, Max and Emily Kennedy, Kelly Kidder, Stratford and Kipp Kiger, Chrissy and John Kincheloe, The Kinney Family, Liz and Chris Kuehn, Anne and Chris Lam, Caroline and Kent Lamm, Lisa and Jason Landrum, Angela Lanning, Larson Family, Fred and Liz Lassiter, Wills Lavely, Sara Baysinger and Jerry Lee, Katie and Tommy Lee, Janelle and Mike Lenhart, Anne Lewis, Kent and Christa Lineberger, Jeff and Beth Livingston, Cynthia and Stephen Lloyd, Kelly and Ryan Lolli, Leslie and Brandon , Lowery, Andrew Luff, Kaylee and Leif Lundberg, Kathryn Maciel, Koo MacQueen, Steve and Michele Mangan, Jennifer and Scott Mansfield, Tonya Shay Marshall, Grace Maynard, Kelly and David McClure, Britta and Jason McCorduck, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. McCoy, Jen and Jay McDonald, Mary Elllen McElroy, Tom and Jolin McElroy, Doug and Elizabeth McKewon, Casey and Melinda McKinney, Delia and Dan McMullen, McNairy Family, Amy McNulty, Tony and Taryn Mecia, Ansley and Chad Melnik, Stacey and Alden Milam, Kathy and Sanjib Mohanty, Carmalita and Tripp Monroe, Jane and Dan Morrison, Jamie and Richard Morrow, Heather and Robert Muckenfuss, Emily and Will Mullinix, Brian and Laura Murdock, Tim and Jessica Murphy, Bart and Meredeth Murr, Heather and Jeff Naper, David and Catherine Ohmstede, Michael and Haynes Paschall, Laura and Stephen Patton, Jaime and Tom Pearman, Dan and Beth Petty, Eric and Toni Pezzo, Caroline and Brendan Pierce, Laura and Perry Poole, Katie and Chris Porier, Kerri and Jim Porter, Steve and Denise Porter, Poth Family, Teri and Justin Povinelli, Tracy Power, Matt and Renee Preece, Ali and Dave Price, Heather and Tom Price, The Provetts, Emily and Marcus Richardson, Al and Mary Bennett Riddick, Ric and Ashley Ritter, Ben and Chelli Robinson, Shannon and Greg Rodden, Susan and Chris Rukus, Richard and Ginger Salmon, Wendy and Jason Schmidly, Elizabeth and J.J. 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